Your Best Guide To Portable Solar Power -

Your Best Guide To Portable Solar Power

portable solar power

Should I get a portable solar power or solar generator? If this is the question that is on your mind, you have come to the right place. This article explains what it is, how it works, and the pros and cons of solar generators. Keep reading, and in just over 3 minutes, you will have your answer.

About A Solar Generator

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A solar generator is the same as a conventional generator, a portable power supply system. The difference? The origin of this energy is that solar generators use solar panels instead of gasoline or diesel to capture the sun’s energy. This energy accumulates in a battery so that it is available when necessary, such as in the event of a blackout or if you are in a place without access to the electricity grid (mountain, boat, etc.) You must take into account a consideration that may seem obvious, but that is important: a solar generator does not “generate” energy – as gasoline generators do – but rather stores it in advance and then makes it available to you. This consideration is essential because it makes this type of device have its advantages and its drawbacks, as we will see below.

Solar Generators Vs. Fuel Generators

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The solar generators offer incredible versatility. They will give you an optimal answer if you travel in a caravan, on a boat, if you are camping or even in the event of an eventuality in your home for the weekend or on your farm as long as you do not connect high-consumption appliances. Of course, if your idea is to have a backup system for your home or the use of large devices, you may be short—the best advice: always calculate your energy needs before purchasing a generator.

Elements Of A Solar Generator

You can think of a solar generator as a miniature photovoltaic installation, and these devices come with the same elements of a typical solar panel installation. In this way, a generator includes a battery – usually lithium or AGM or gel type in economic models – an inverter to convert direct current into alternating current (our appliances use), charge regulator, battery monitor, wiring and, of course, solar panels. Some generator models are marketed as an all-inclusive package. In contrast, others allow you to purchase some components – usually the plates or the battery and other components such as a wheel system to transport it – separately.

Summing Up

The photovoltaic power is 100% clean energy. No smoke and no polluting CO2 emissions. So simple and so different from conventional generators. As if this were not enough, solar generators are incredibly quieter than conventional ones. If you need your generator to do projects – e.g. video- outdoors or simply to take it with you in your caravan on a relaxing vacation, this is your option, there is no doubt. There are no moving pieces or several wires on solar generators because they do not use fuel in the liquid form.

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