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Why The World Is Burning Black- Causes of Air Pollution

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A factory with smoke coming out of the water

The world, we are living in, is deteriorating every passing day with the release of pollutants into the air. The Causes of Air Pollution across the globe are very harmful and a serious matter that demands our attention. Causes of Air Pollution refers to the presence of gases and chemicals in the air that are harmful to humans, plants, animals, and the natural environment.

The harmful toxins present in the air, either released by the humans themselves or that are completely natural, cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Thus we lose awareness regarding the severity of damage they cause. Hence, it’s high time now to be aware of the Causes of Air Pollution and the solutions to prevent them.

The Chief Causes of Air Pollution

A factory with smoke coming out of it

Despite few natural ones, the chief Causes of Air Pollution are humans as well. This may sound weird, but our irresponsible behavior towards the nature and planet is the root cause of this dreadful scenario. There are certain Natural causes of Air Pollution, to cover, but few of them happen because we humans create an imbalance in the natural environment with our immoral deeds.

Major Causes of Air Pollution incorporate Industrial chemical waste emission, Burning of fossil fuels, Microbial Decaying Process by chemical factories, Transportation, Waste and Garbage burning in open areas, Stubble Burning, Agricultural Activities, Construction processes, Chemicals included in Domestic products, Indoor air pollution, and much more.

Besides, the Natural Causes of Air Pollution include Animation and Vegetation Wildfires, soot, ash, Gases released during Volcanic eruptions, fog and mist, Radon gas, Ozone, etc.

Effects of Air Pollution

These causes of Air Pollution impact the entire human race along with our planet beyond our imagination. They result in severe health issues to humans and animals as well. Also, they affect our environment resulting in humidity, droughts, and severe climate changes. 

Inhaling air induced with pollutants reduces the heart’s ability to pump enough oxygen causing severe respiratory illness. This also results in severe life-taking diseases like Lung cancer, Liver Cirrhosis, Asthma, Strokes, Ischemic heart diseases, and acute lower Respiratory Tract Infections, especially in children. It can even result in irritation in the eyes, breathing issues, and allergies, and various skin-related problems.

Prevention Measures of Air Pollution

Majorly, the change in industrial protocols and norms, and its strict execution is much-needed as per the current scenario. Less chemical waste emission and its proper disposal could help to preserve the natural resources. Also, less gasoline-burning could result in prevention from the major causes of pollution. This would also control climate change. Awareness of the concept and imbibing of reducing, reuse, and recycle is important.

Being responsible planetarians, we can choose our transportation and household products wisely. Opting for wind or solar means of energy is also helpful. Also, being a part of certain anti-air pollution drives executed around can help us, jointly, prevent the perilous causes of air pollution.


Hence, it’s high time now we understand that to put a full stop to the hazardous Causes of Air Pollution is left no more a requirement, but a need. 

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