What is Perovskite Solar Cell? And How They Can Change Solar Industry

What is Perovskite Solar Cell? And How They Can Change Solar Industry

Perovskite Solar Cell

Perovskite Solar Cell is the future of the solar industry. If you’ve been active in the renewable energy sector, or solar sector primarily, then chances are you have heard of Perovskite solar cells. They promise to revolutionize the solar industry by being efficient as much as 30 to 40 times the present solar cells. But how much of that is fact and how much fiction? Let’s find out in this article.

What is Perovskite Solar Cell?

Perovskite Solar Cell Diagram

Perovskite solar cell is a type of solar cell using the the Perovskite system at its core. This system is a hybrid of organic-inorganic lead based material. This design enables it to achieve higher efficiency while consuming less installation space.

The cells are thinner than what we currently use. These cells are then layered on top of each other, either by printing or coating. The material in use is Perovskite which is a type of mineral. Named after its discoverer, Lev Perovskite, a Russian mineralogist, many claim these cells to be the future of solar energy. Click here to learn more about these materials and the solar cell in general.


Now that you know what Perovskite cells are, it’s time to learn about their benefits they offer to end users like you.

  • Has a wide bandgap which provides better tunability. This means larger potential for converting solar energy into electrical energy.
  • The production of these cells do not call for complex machinery that are required for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • It consumes 20 times less material as a thin-film.
  • Requires no rare-earth material for production.
  • Perovskite material is high defect tolerant which makes it ideal for working in conditions requiring modules larger than 300W.
  • It is durable and long lasting

However, some of the benefits are disputed as to whether or not they can actually deliver.

Future of Perovskite Solar Cell

Perovskite Solar Cell

Future of Perovskite solar cells hangs on one thing: Research and Development. The production cost needs to go down. Till now, they have shown and demonstrated the potential for higher performance. But the thing is they don’t perform well when the conditions get wet, or temperature soars to the next level.
Moreover, they lack stability, which you’d want from solar cells generating electricity. Another issue is scalability. Since they are built with layers, we need a way to scale them in production. Up until this point, tests conducted have been a failure.

Environmental problem

But the problems with Perovskite cells are not only limited to technical or commercial. It is environmental. These mainly make use of lead for manufacturing. And as you might know, lead is potentially harmful to humans and their surroundings. If used on large-scale, then there’s a risk to toxic pollution to its immediate surroundings. Thus, researchers have to go around this problem as well.


With so many benefits on the table, it’s highly unlikely that researchers, companies, government, and the general public will give up hope on Perovskite solar cells. It’s not a matter of why it’s a matter of when we will see them going mainstream. But with the speed of technological innovation, we can expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

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