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Types Of Solar Battery Storage For Your Home Solar Power System

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Choosing a good battery for your solar energy system is vital to your success. Although it is tempting to go out and buy the first battery you find because it’s cheap or readily available, you may end up wasting a lot of money if you make a wrong choice. The best batteries for a solar panel are those that have high energy densities and offer a long service life. Here are six common types of battery that you should look for when buying a battery for a solar energy system.

Lithium Ion Batteries – The Life Expectancy:

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 The Life expectancy of Lithium-Ion batteries is long and reliable. They come in three different energy densities and can be used to power all your portable devices such as cameras, mp3 players, cell phones, laptops and more. They are very efficient and have a very high energy density. Because they have high energy density, they also have high cell voltage. The downside to using lithium ion batteries is that they tend to get overheated easily and need frequent charging.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries – the High Energy Particle: The NiCd type of battery is made from nickel cadmium. They offer long-lasting durability and high energy densities. The only drawbacks are that they tend to leak and create issues with the boat’s stability and performance. They also tend to get overheated and need frequent recharging. NiCd deep cycle batteries are pretty expensive compared to lithium ion solar batteries but you will save a lot of money on your electricity bills if you use them.

The VMAxtanks Solar Battery: The VMAxtanks solar battery uses the lithium metal hydride which is commonly referred to as HHO or HO. The electrolyte is formed through a combination of Baerum, potassium, and carbon dioxide. This type of battery has been proven to produce the best results in terms of maximizing conversion ratio and maximizing energy output. They come in different sizes so the size would highly depend on the amount you would like to store.

Lead Acid Flooded Cells

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 These are energy storage systems which work by flooding cells with distilled water and then holding it within the lead plates of the device. The entire system works by creating a chemical reaction that creates a tremendous amount of electricity. This particular energy storage system has the longest lifespan and has been around the longest. However, they tend to be costly and are somewhat dangerous as well.

Ionic Wind Systems

These are the best batteries for a solar system because they can absorb and store massive amounts of electricity. These are actually made by the University of Wisconsin because they have discovered how to use the ions in water. This allows them to create the most power and the fastest time period for the storage and use. The only drawback to this particular system is that they tend to be expensive and are not as popular. Due to this fact, it would be best to research the best batteries for a renewable energy system prior to purchasing one.


These two are just a few types of batteries. It would be best to explore the wide world of battery storage before you make the final decision. The price, size, weight, power output, and the lifetime of a specific battery will all play a vital role in the final decision. If you are looking at a specific benefit, then make sure to look into the two aforementioned options. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not the price, weight, size, and life of a specific battery are worth the cost and the resulting weight in your pocket.

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