RV Solar Panels: Everything You Need To Know

RV Solar Panel

Many people owning a recreational vehicle are opting for RV Solar panels. It is already popular among “Boondockers,” people who enjoy remote camping. But if you’re starting with recreation vehicles, then you must be researching about these panels. Owning an RV is just one step towards recreation holidaying. In this article, we’ll explain what RV solar panels are and why you should install one on your vehicle.

What Are RV Solar Panels?

RV Solar Panels: Everything You Need To Know

RV Solar panels are any solar panels that are installed in a recreational vehicle. In most cases, these are docked on top of vans or buses which are most exposed to the sun. It enables the panels to capture as many solar rays are possible and convert them to electrical energy. You and your recreational troops can then consume this energy. In a real sense, these aren’t different from the solar panels installed at your home. These are just geared towards being used on recreational vehicles.


Many people are wary of installing a solar panel on their RV. After all, they’ve got batteries and inverters already inside the van. But RV solar panels bring so much more to the table than just generating electricity.

Electricity Generation

First and foremost, solar panels will help you generate valuable electricity. The inverters provided within will convert the direct current generated by panels to alternate current. You can use this to charge your phone, laptop, among other gadgets. Sure, you can argue that you have batteries and all, but take into account that they have limited storage capacity.

Green Energy

Next, the energy generated by these panels is green and sustainable. They do not make use of non-renewable materials that are discarded by a few applications. Moreover, these do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. Which ensures that the habitat remains harmless when you’re in the jungle.


The great thing about the RV solar panels is they’re virtually maintenance-free. So you won’t have to spend a boatload of money on them. Yes, they will require some work here and there. But it’s minuscule compared to what the price would be.

Extend Battery Life

Even though three’s no concrete evidence on this claim, some manufacturers claim that these panels can extend the battery life of your vehicle. It happens due to the continuous power supply they receive from these panels, which extend their lifetime value. Which makes these panels a unique item to the end consumer.

How Many Solar Panels Are Enough For An RV?

RV Solar Panels: Everything You Need To Know

This depends on how big your recreational vehicle is. Is it a mini-van? A coach bus? Or a Jeep? Depending upon the size, you need to install the solar panels on your RV. But roughly, two groups or 1X1 meters will enough to fit into any vehicle. They will supply enough energy to meet the daily energy that you expect from a solar panel system.

These are a must if you’re going for extended road trips. You never know what will happen during the journey. So as a bare minimum, you can generate electricity to charge your mobile for emergency or heat the food when necessary.

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