Power Home Review – Why the Power Home Review May Not Be Reliable

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Power Home Solar, LLC was founded in 2021 by Frank Muscatine. Frank and wife Margaret own and operate four solar power panels producing over three thousand watts of energy each month. The owners aim to help everyone live more efficiently by installing solar panels on their houses. Their mission is to share what they know about solar energy and solar panels.

Power Home Review

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Power Home Solar, LLC has been rated as the twelfth best residential solar installer nationwide ( 2021 Solar Power World Magazine). Their website offers videos, blog entries, articles, and client service. Frank and Margaret are pleased with the amount of positive feedback received from satisfied customers. Frank and Margaret offer an extensive refund policy for customers who are not completely satisfied with their products or service.

In this article we will discuss a customer’s experience with Power Home Solar, LLC. The reviewer buyer chose to remain anonymous. Their review was provided after the original purchase and installation of their solar panels. Their experience began shortly after their panels arrived at their residence.

Their first encounter with Power Home Solar was at their home office when they received a July 2021 response in writing. The letter detailed that they qualified for a rebate check for the total cost of the solar cells and installation. This was an exciting offer since the previous July coupon had not been claimed. The July promise was posted on the Power Home Solar website.

Their next encounter with Power Home Solar occurred at the local mall. A Power Home representative approached them and explained that they had won a rebate check for the cost of their system. Margret read the July promise online and was excited. However, the Power Home representative did not read the entire July proposal online. They informed the reviewer that the company was not accepting new customers at that time.

The Power Home representative continued to speak with the July promise buyer throughout the day. Eventually, the representative left the store with their new system. During the course of the conversation, the buyer asked how long it would take for them to recoup their investment. The representative confirmed that it would take about six months to recoup the entire cost of the solar cells, plus the installation fees. The customer was not happy with this answer and felt as though the Power Home salesperson was not fully explaining the situation to her.

Following this unsatisfactory interaction, the customer decided to read the July 21st Power Home solar kit Review, a review that featured the company’s other products. The Il reviewer obtained the kit and was impressed. She described the kit as “phenomenal”. She was, however, disappointed that she could not use her rebate check to purchase the product. She was not able to find any mention of the receipt number on the package.

The Power Home representative did provide support following her unsatisfactory experience. She offered to send the July package in, stating that she would send it back with the corresponding warranty paperwork. The Il reviewer was more than pleased to comply, and reported that her experience with the company has been positive since her receipt of the solar cells. (The Power Home representative also provided support after the July promise review.)

In the Power Home solar kit review, the buyer stated that she feels that the solar cells produced by Power Home are “sub-par”. She did not receive support from the person who provided the review, but found that the company website provides information on their products. In the July promise review, the buyer expressed her desire to purchase the product for the purpose of using at home. In her mind, she meant that she would use it at home to supplement her income. It does not appear that she considered the inclusive guarantee that accompanies many solar kits.

In this Power Home solar kit review, the buyer was not happy with the company’s response to her inquiries about the warranty, and did not receive an answer to her question about whether the warranty would be transferable to another buyer. The reviewer also was not happy with the company’s response to her questions about the customer service of its representatives, and did not receive an answer to her question about whether she would be able to get a refund if she was dissatisfied with her kit. The reviewer also did not like the way that the representative indicated that in order to get a refund one would need to have the system installed. The Power Home solar kit review warns that in such a case the customer will be charged for the complete cost of the kit, which could be several hundred dollars.

End Note

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This Power Home solar review is mixed. The customer service was not bad, but some aspects of the product did not meet expectations. On the other hand, the solar panels produce power on time and have long-term benefits for the homeowner. The review also recommends that the investor who made the purchase consider all of the options and receive advice from qualified professionals before making a purchase. This advice may prevent costly mistakes and unintended consequences. This is especially true since many solar companies encourage customers to read full review letters, but few provide the full text.

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