Main Environmental Concerns for 2020

environmental concern

Our mother nature gives us everything to live and have a healthy life. But, we are slowly destroying the environment we are living in. With the beginning of 2020, you should know the major environmental concerns for the current year and find ways to tackle these concerns.

environmental concern

Environmental Concerns No 1: WATER

Water is the essential element we need to live, and water pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. Water pollution kills both humans and marine life. It is very dangerous, and the limited sources of freshwater are getting polluted rapidly.

The primary cause of water pollution is the increase in plastic waste polluting the water bodies, increased number of oil spills, and also toxic chemicals from industries discharged into the water bodies. In this way, we are damaging and destroying the most valuable resource of our planet.

We need to change our laws regarding pollution policies and educate the people about the harmful effects of water pollution. We need to find ways to reduce plastic waste from our oceans, and other water bodies reduce oil spills and stop polluting our waterways.

environmental concern

Environmental Concerns No 2: BIODIVERSITY

Biodiversity is the combination of all the living things and the ecosystem of our earth. It is very complex yet the essential feature of our planet. Every living being on our planet plays a vital role, from the tiniest bacteria to the giant blue whale in maintaining our world.

Due to our increased pollution levels, global warming, acid rains, deforestation, and other human-made factors, our biodiversity is in danger. Billions of species of various life forms have gone extinct, and some are on the brink of extinction.

We should make sustainable choices in the form of saving energy, reducing pollution, using renewable sources of energy, etc. can only help us in
protecting our environment and make our earth run smoothly.

Environmental Concerns No 3: FORESTS AND VEGETATION

Our forests, plants, and trees are our essential resources. If all the trees destroyed, then we will be deprived of food, oxygen, medicines, wildlife, paper, and many more things.

Deforestation is occurring around the globe at an alarming rate, and soon we will be left with no forests. They not only give us fresh oxygen but also are home to so many different species of life forms.

With the increase in illegal logging, wildfires, timber harvesting, paper production, and paving of forests for commercial spaces, our wood is decreasing. With the massive loss in forest cover, the greenhouse gas emissions have also increased by at least 15%.

It is high time that we devolve ways to protect our forests. We should make it a mission to plant new trees every month, reduce the use of paper and cardboard, buy more organic and recycled products.


It we should understand that all our environmental concerns stem from our activities like pollution. All types of pollution are in relationship and contribute to these environmental issues.

It should be our duty and mission to reduce pollution, reduce, recycle, and reuse all the products that we use and work together as a community to tackle these environmental concerns.

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