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Los Angeles Air Pollution – How Bad Is It Getting Already

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In the Los Angeles tourism sector, the private sector is an important player. These private players can be accommodation providers, destination management organizations, transport organizations, technology organizations, tour operations, and many more. The businesses in Los Angeles tourism must aim to generate profit, care about the environment they are operating in, and create a positive impact. The key to sustainability for the Los Angeles tourism industry is building competitiveness through corporate social responsibility activities. Check out the importance of CSR activities in ensuring Los Angeles and pollution does not affect the tourism sector.

Los Angeles Air Pollution – CSR Activities

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The CSR activities in Los Angeles tourism industries by areas of engagement are 41 percent in business operations, 33 percent in host community support, 13 percent in stakeholder involvement, 9 percent in supplier relations, and 4 percent in customer service. The CSR activities in Los Angeles tourism industries by type of impact are 39 percent environmental, 29 percent social, 15 percent economic, and 17 percent multifaceted. The actions of CSR in Los Angeles tourism include reducing pollution, certification, basic energy measures, staff training, security and health, new equipment and technologies for energy efficiency, basic waste processing, health-related initiatives, sustainability criteria in supplier selection, information programs for customers, client relationships, and many more. There must be consistent measures of impact to effectively manage the contribution of Los Angeles tourism for sustainability. 

Financing Sustainable Tourism 

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Sustainable Tourism should be financed for contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Access to financing is important to build a tLos Angeles ourism sector that is not only sustainable but also competitive and innovative. The approach used for attracting funding should be new and holistic. The resources from many different sources must be mobilized to strengthen the ability of tourism to contribute to the SDGs. The SDGs can be achieved by significant additional domestic resources that would be supplemented appropriately by international assistance. The government is spending on Los Angeles tourism, their support will help to create wealth and employment in countries that need help.  

The increased Los Angeles tourism activities are benefiting the developing countries, especially the least developed countries. Tourism is boosting the performance of the economy, investment, and competitiveness, and contributing towards the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The contribution of the Los Angeles tourism sector can be accelerated and strengthened with the innovation in the financial system. 


There is a need to scale up resource mobilization to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations through the contribution of tourism.  The tourism initiatives are creating awareness of the potential of Los Angeles tourism to drive development and support the developing countries to achieve the SDGs. Access to much-needed resources for implementing SDGs is made available through a variety of innovative financing mechanisms in the Los Angeles tourism sector. The Los Angeles tourism sector is identified as a priority sector in achieving the SDGs of the United Nations.

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