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Learn the Truth About How Much Energy a Solar Panel Can Produce

100 watt solar panel

If you are thinking of getting a solar panel you may want to take some time to learn about the different uses of a 100 watt solar panel. As the wattage on these panels is substantially lower than normal solar panels the actual amount of energy it can provide is significantly smaller. These are typically solar panels used for small home projects, emergencies, or camping.

Working Of 100 Watt Solar Panel

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The way a 100 watt solar panel actually works is that there are many individual solar cells within the module. One particular module has two solar cells and this is what becomes the main portion of the panel. Other modules on the same panel have one solar cell and this is the second module. Once you have the main panel set up, you then have additional modules connected to the main one that each have a charge controller.

There are basically three different systems that use a 100 watt solar panel. First, there is the stand alone system which is basically a smaller version of the larger panels you see on a commercial roof. Next there is a system that has a controller built right into the solar panel. This type of system can often times run on batteries or stored energy and is more reliable than stand alone systems. The last type is the battery based system which essentially stores the energy that is generated by the solar panel and then uses it when the sun is not out.

Energy That A Battery Based System Can Provide

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The amount of energy that a battery based system can provide will vary depending on the manufacturer. The manufacturer typically sets the maximum number of watts that can be stored in the battery. When using batteries, it is important to keep in mind that the amps that are listed for 100 watt solar panels are maximums and not realistic usage levels.


Now that you have an understanding as to how they work and the power they can produce, you should take a closer look at how a 100 watt solar panel actually works. The actual process inside of the panel is quite simple. Basically light is reflected from the sunlight onto the thin silicon chips, which are called photovoltaic modules. These chips are charged with electricity, which is sent to a device that controls the amp flow. In most cases this device is a charge controller.


One way that you can use a combination of both approaches is to have a backup system. Having a storage battery for the times when the main unit is not producing electricity will allow you to get by using just the backup battery during those days when the main panel is not producing any electricity. So having a combination of both a backup system and a solar panel that are powered by a solar cell that is not producing any electricity can provide you with enough energy during the daytime to operate your home all day without stopping. Of course this is going to require a large enough battery bank to cover your rooftop and most people cannot put out that kind of money.

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