Investing in Solar Energy Solutions Stocks -

Investing in Solar Energy Solutions Stocks

solar power stocks

Solar power stocks are quickly gaining steam around the world and there’s a great deal riding on them as well. In particular, investors have been flocking to them because of their relatively low risk, lower debt, and excellent regulatory backing. All of this adds up to one simple truth: investing in solar power stocks is an extremely profitable business.

An Overview

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Now, it should be noted that there are certainly many other potential residential solar power stocks out there as well. However, the sheer number of companies offering solar capacity companies is really high right now. This is good news for you the investor, because the more companies out there, the better your odds of getting in on a fantastic opportunity. However, it can also make things very complicated. So, how do you choose which are the best stocks?

First of all, what factors should you consider when choosing solar power stocks? Of course, you’ll want to consider the sector. There are several different sectors within the energy field, so you’ll want to take a look at each one. Which sector is the best? Well, that’s where you’ll need to take a look at factors such as the cash flow, the profit margin, the debt, the market cap, and of course, the EPS (earnings per share).

Know Top Companies

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There are several top ranked companies within the solar power stocks sector right now. First, there’s Sunva, which recently raised $80 million in venture capital. Sunva specializes in the sale of photovoltaic solar cells. The company has several major customers including the United States Department of Defense. If you’re looking for a big payday or are looking for a company with a solid business plan, then this could be your best pick.

Next up on our list of the solar energy stocks is Emerson Solar. Emerson Solar has a great history within the solar power industry. They have been supplying solar energy to major corporations for years. Their high growth rate, solid financials, and the ability to grow their business regardless of price, make them a great choice for investors.

Another great company on the solar power stocks list that you might want to investigate is Terra comprehensa. Terra comprehend focuses primarily on the solar energy sector, so if you’re interested in just solar power, this probably isn’t your best bet. However, if you’re willing to expand your horizons a bit and invest in other companies within the solar industry, Terra comprehend may be a good choice. Keep in mind though, that investing in Terra comprehensa means investing in a company that is relatively new, so you should probably look elsewhere for your investments.

Brookfield Real Estate

Last but certainly not least, we have brookfield. Many people do not realize that Brookfield real estate can be extremely profitable. With more than thirty million square feet of property to choose from, it’s no wonder that Brookfield is on everyone’s list of the best solar companies to get involved with. Brokfield is also one of the largest players in the green market, so they offer a wide variety of renewable energy equipment. If you can find a good broker, brownfield may be a great investment for you.


Hopefully this short article has given you some insight into some of the solar power stocks out there. The market is still small and growing, but the sky is really the limit as far as where you can take it. If you’re looking for a great long term investment, I recommend getting involved with some of the larger companies in this field. Even if you only invest in the top few stocks, over the course of a few years you will be able to build up a nice portfolio filled with great, reliable companies that will consistently make money.

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