How To Reduce Air Quality And Water Quality - How To Reduce Air Quality And Water Quality -

How To Reduce Air Quality And Water Quality

how to reduce air pollution

There are many things that you can do to stay healthy and safe from air pollution such as; controlling the use of personal vehicles, ensuring clean and breathable indoor environments, using non-chemical based cleaners for the interior of the home and outdoors, and wearing non-plastic and non-woven clothes. The use of public transportation is also an essential factor in the fight against air pollution. Therefore, making use of public transportation is one way on how to reduce air pollution in your community. Below are other ideas on how to reduce air pollution.

Utilizing Public Transportation

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To fight against pollution, it is important that you make different changes to your lifestyle and make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to reduce your emission levels. The use of public transportation is very beneficial especially when you are residing in an area where vehicle emission is a major problem such as Los Angeles. By using local public transportation like the metro bus, there will be a lot of people who will take the bus to get to work, school and other destinations. With this, it would be easier for you to reduce your emissions because you won’t have to drive so much.

Using Natural Gas: Natural Gas is another cleaner alternative for those living in cities. If you live in a location where fossil fuels are used, it is more practical to use natural gas to reduce the emission levels at home. If you have a natural gas powered furnace at home, you may convert it to burn on natural gas or run it on electricity. Even though using these methods may cost you a lot more initially, they would be far cheaper in the long run compared to the effect of increasing your fuel expenses for just heating your house.

Reduce Water Pollution

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Experts advise that you use high-efficiency shower heads and invest in a high quality filter. It is also advisable to reduce the use of bath products that contain harsh chemicals that can lead to skin irritation. You can also reduce the number of baths that you take during the week. In addition, if possible, increase the frequency of washing your hair and clothes to reduce the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere from your house.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Experts advise that everyone should be concerned about the issue of climate change and how to reduce global warming. One effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to switch to an efficient furnace filter. This type of product can significantly decrease the amount of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. In addition, it can significantly improve the condition of the air circulation system in your house. Moreover, it can significantly improve the condition of the ventilation and cooling systems in your home.

Control Dust And Moisture

If there are excessive amounts of pollutants in the air around your home, it can cause a wide variety of health hazards. Studies have shown that there are a wide range of health hazards that can result if there are too much dust and moisture in the air. In fact, many of the most common respiratory illnesses are caused by exposure to these types of pollutants. Thus, controlling these pollutants is important if you want to avoid the development of certain types of illnesses. For instance, asthma symptoms are often times worsened in homes which have a dirty air duct system or a lack of ventilation.


Reduce Water Pollutants – Water pollution can often make its way into the air from construction sites. Often times, this is done when the storm drains are not properly serviced. In addition to this, improper waste treatment can also result in increased wastewater contamination in urban areas. Thus, in order to reduce water pollution which is caused by storm drainage and sewer lines, it is important for construction sites to work with a reliable water treatment company.

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