How To Prevent People From Stealing Your Solar Lights?

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There are steps that you can take to prevent people from stealing your solar lights. The process of installation and removal of solar lights is straightforward. You don’t need an expert or a professional to set them up. Anyone with the most basic skills can do this. It would help if you had a place to hang the string lights and a nearby power socket to get the job done. Consequently, they are easy to take off and steal, if left unwatched. So let us find out what steps one can take to ensure that their solar lights do not get stolen.

How To Prevent People From Stealing Your Solar Lights?
How To Prevent People From Stealing Your Solar Lights?

Steps To Prevent Stealing Your Solar Lights

Solar lights are very susceptible to be stolen. They are often used as outdoor lighting. Hence, the chance of stealing is even higher. So it is vital to make sure they do not fall in the hands of thieves.

Secure Nuts And Bolts

Solar lights do not need electricity to function. Many of them often come with their solar cells. Hence, it is essential to secure them in place. Be sure to use tamper-proof hardware, like stainless steel. Also, there are screws and nuts available with unique joints and bolts. Ordinary equipment does not work on them, making them harder to remove.


If you are planning to install some heavy-duty expensive solar light that is more expensive, be sure to put them high up. The height should be such that one cannot reach it without a ladder. Hence, solar lights are harder to remove if they are hard to reach in the first place.

Concrete Base

If you plan to put solar lights in the garden or lawn, set it in concrete. Just pour some concrete into a hole and place the light base in them. That will make it impossible for thieves to remove it. However, it will also make it impossible for you to over them around the garden.

Security Lighting

Security lights are a great way to ward off thieves and wanderers from your property. The moment they step onto your territory, the sensor in the lights will make them light up. It will seem like you are up monitoring the grounds, even when you are sleeping.

How To Prevent People From Stealing Your Solar Lights?
How To Prevent People From Stealing Your Solar Lights?

Other Tips


Installing a massive duty fence is the most obvious thing to keep unwanted people, including thieves, out of your property. But make sure they are good enough to get the job done.

Security Alarms And Camera

If you have the money, then definitely get a security alarm system installed. That will not only alarm you, but the camera will capture footage whenever the alarm goes off. Hence, it will not only ward off thieves but also let you know when and who tried to break in. However, this will cost a lot of money and may not be feasible for many people.

Petroleum Jelly

That is nowhere near being the smartest trick, but it might work. Coating your lights in petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) will make them slippery and hard to tackle for thieves. But it might need extra work from you that is clean up.

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