How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality? -

How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air quality

If you think that remaining indoors will protect you from air pollution, then you are completely wrong. As per studies, it is known that indoor air quality is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air.

How do you know you are breathing clean air? Do you monitor the quality of the air you are breathing? Is your indoor air quality safe and clean? Read on to find out about the quality of indoor air and ways to clean it.

indoor air quality
How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality?

Ventilation Is Essential To Maintain Indoor Air Quality

It is vital to keep the indoors ventilated and well-lit. It is assumed that if you keep your windows open, it will bring in polluted air.

But it is not so, by opening windows and keeping your ventilators open, you enable the proper circulation of air. It ensures that the indoor air is in harmony with your indoor environment.

Ventilation also ensures that your indoor air quality is maintained and prevents the growth of mold.

How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality?

Cleaning Your Home To Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollutants are very persistent. These pollutants are not removed by simple mopping of the floor. You need to clean your house thoroughly in order to remove these pollutants and maintaining good air quality.

You need to clean your rugs, carpets, mattresses, bedsheets and other furnishings thoroughly. The dust particles and other particulate matters get trapped in these fabrics and cause the air quality to deteriorate.

Also, you need to check your equipment and devices like refrigerators and air-conditioners where leaks can cause emission of a high level of air pollutants. So, you should clean your house rigorously but don’t use toxic materials.

You should use natural materials as cleaning agents and clean your house thoroughly.

Educating Your children About Indoor Air Quality

The best way to combat air pollution in your house is by educating your children and family members about it. Many a time, we use daily household products which have a high level of dangerous chemical concentration and are cathartic.

So, you should avoid chemicals in your daily-use since the gaseous vapours from these chemicals can severely affect your indoor air. It can also lead to impairing brain development in children and increase the risk of cancer.

Air Purifying Plants

Apart from ventilation, keeping air-purifying plants in your home is also a great way to maintain air quality. The plants are a natural weapon against air pollution.

They not only help in boosting indoor environment but also produce higher oxygen levels which increase positivity in your home. Try to keep plants such and Devil’s ivy and snake plants in your home which do not need much care and keep your air safe and healthy.

Air Purifiers

You can also keep air purifiers in your home which have HEPA filters which effectively trap the air pollutants and kill the germs. They also filter the dust particles and keeps your indoor air clean.


Here are some easy tips to keep the air quality for your home under control. These simple measures will help you in keeping the indoor air safe and clean. Just follow these quick tips and enjoy a healthy life.

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