Home Solar Systems: Everything You Need To Know!

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Home solar systems fulfills all the power requirements of your home through solar energy. Solar energy is the best and cheapest source of energy. Sunlight is the best source if renewable energy, you just need to have the right technology to harness it. Home Solar systems are used for harnessing this energy and fulfilling all the energy requirements of your home.

Home Solar Systems
Home Solar Systems: Everything You Need To Know!

1.How Do The Home Solar Systems Differ From Business Solar Systems?

The commercial solar projects vary in terms of cost and scale because they may power a company’s operations or a town. But a home solar system has a consistent size and an average cost.  They are very reasonable in price and relatively small scale. They will not only help you in going greener but also save your electricity bills.

You can save at least 30% of your energy bills with a home solar system and these are easily affordable for all the homeowners belonging to any income group.

Home Solar Systems
Home Solar Systems: Everything You Need To Know!

2. What Is Net Metering And Will Your Solar System Be Connected To The Grid?


Most of the home solar systems are connected to the grid. When your system is connected to the grid, net metering is the most efficient solution. On-grid means connected to the main grid of the city.

Net Metering

Net metering is the incentive you receive in the form of bill credits when your solar system produces excess electricity. So, when your solar panels are not producing enough electricity, you can use the bill credits to cover your cost of electricity.


If you don’t connect to the grid, you only utilize the electricity produced for your own use. So, for being completely off-grid, you need to have high storage devices, large solar panels and provision for backup.

3. How Much Time It Takes To Install Home Solar Systems?

First of all you need to meet the installer and they will access your home and planning for the right position of the solar panels to get maximum sunlight. Once this preliminary work is over, it only takes a few days to install the solar panels and connect to the electric panel of your home.

The overall timeframe will also depend on the type of solar system installation you are installing. But, only the decision and planning takes time, the installation time is very quick and easy.

4. You Can Get Home Solar Systems Even If Your Roof Doesn’t Qualify!

The best thing about getting a home solar system is that you have many options like Community Solar Gardens and Ground Mount Solar Installations. If your roof doesn’t qualify for installation of solar panels, then you can use Ground mount solar panels which bypass any rooftop hurdles.


In this way, you can design, plan and install your home solar systems. These will help in saving the plant by reducing your carbon footprint. You will use the renewable source of energy which is sunlight and reduce the pollution caused by fossil fuels.

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