Get To Know About the Amazing Tesla Roof -

Get To Know About the Amazing Tesla Roof

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Tesla has finally made solar roofs. Currently the smooth and textured tiles are the only ones available other than the Tuscan and French tiles.

Elon Musk has the Tesla Glass division to thank for the creation of an amazing glass roof. This glass roof appears solid to the viewer but to the sun, it is transparent that allows the sun’s energy to come in and get trapped.  

There are four different styles of the Tesla solar roof. They are:

  • Smooth Glass
  • French Slate
  • Tuscan
  • Textured Glass

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Smooth Glass Tiles and Slate Tiling

This smooth tile of glass was created by the Tesla Solar Program. The Tesla Solar Program created this, keeping in mind the concept of modern homes. It is a clean cut design that is straightforward and it is the best fit for amazing contemporary home designs. Most of the homes are still not fit for this design but the more recent modern homes are made for this purpose.

Slate tiling is a roof that is most sought after and it has been this way for quite some time. Elon Musk was appreciated for his good move to make this design as one of the four designs of the Tesla solar roof. Slate tile roof has a very handcrafted look. The Tesla solar program was able to recreate such a design and due to this fact, it is highly appreciated.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Tuscan Glass Tiles

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The third roof in this Tesla Solar Roof is the new Tuscan Glass Tile. This type of roof is found in the European style homes. This roof is very ancient and dates back to the times of Romans and Greek. Thus you can be sure that this architecture is tried and tested. The main challenge is that if Tesla and Musk will be able to recreate this architecture with solar technology.

Tesla’s Solar Roof – Textured Glass Tiles

Textured roofing dates back to thousands of years ago. This was a very popular tile until the inventor of the smooth glazing tile. In today’s generation we usually see these tiles in old buildings or in historic monuments only. If sometime any one decides to move these monuments to solar, then these tiles will surely be the choice. 


It is mandatory to use the company’s integrated battery that is called the Powerwall. This is a part of the Tesla Solar Roof package. This Poweall collects almost 13.5 kWh of energy that is generated by solar panels throughout the day. Then this energy is used to power home any time of the day, maybe day or night or whenever there is a power outage.


If you are willing to pay lots of money and need roof replacement, then solar roof may be worth it. It has sleek and aesthetically pleasing Tesla solar shingles. A Tesla solar roof or any other solar panels make more sense if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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