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Fact About Air Pollution To Know To Stay Eco-Friendly

Fact About Air Pollution

Air pollution is a major factor of concern for the world. The fact about air pollution is that it is on The rise ever since the 1940s. Air pollution, which is caused due to various factors like emissions from factories, transportation, wildfires, etc., degrades the air quality of any place and adversely affects the atmosphere. Here are a few facts about air pollution.

Fact About Air Pollution – It Can Be Fatal

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A well-known fact about air pollution is that it can be fatal. Air pollution kills more than three times the amount of people who die from malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS combined every year. It causes several respiratory as well as heart diseases. Air pollution can cause strokes, obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. In children, air pollution can cause low birth weight, obesity, asthma, bad respiratory health, etc. The fact about air pollution is that it greatly reduces the immune system efficiency of a person. Therefore the body becomes weak. It is exactly what makes air pollution bad as it reduces the chances of a person surviving a disease. Moreover, the organs also suffer due to inhaling unclean air.

Cause of Air Pollution

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Another fact about air pollution is that air pollution includes the burning of fossil fuels, using diesel generators, using products that contain methane or ammonia, using coal-fired plants, etc. Traffic is a major reason for air pollution. With the increased use of diesel or petrol run tars has been a sharp rise in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. It not only causes air pollution but also increases the speed of global warming. Other factors that cause air pollution include the domestic burning of fossil fuels caused due to industrial work every year.

Fact About Air Pollution – Urban Areas vs. Rural Areas

When it comes to pollution of any sort, let alone air pollution, the urban areas are worst affected. As the reports suggest, 97% of the cities in low- and middle-income countries having more than 100,000 inhabitants do not meet the WHO minimum air quality levels. Additionally, when it comes to the high-income countries, 29% of the cities fall short of the WHO guidelines. A major reason urban areas have more air pollution than rural areas is that the urban area has more diesel or petrol run traffic. Moreover, the population in urban areas is also higher. Therefore, even though some domestic fossil fuel is burning in rural areas, it is still not as badly affected as the urban areas.


Air pollution requires immediate action and control. The faster the work is, the better the results will be. There has been a lot of damage done already, and it is best to work in favor of the earth right away. There are many basic steps that one can adopt on a day-to-day basis to help in reducing air pollution. For example, using public transport or cycle is a great idea to reduce air pollution. Pollution will stop when every individual makes a proper effort to control pollution. These environmental issues are man-made and need to be stopped by the same kind.

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