Evolution Of Wind As A Source Of Energy For Future

Evolution Of Wind As A Source Of Energy For Future

Wind Farms as Source of Energy

Ever wondered if wind will take over the world as one of our prime source of energy? Well, certain news sources like this one says so. In this article, we’ll look at why wind is among the best source of energy humanity can utilize.

Future Source Of Energy: Wind Power

Evolution Of Wind As A Source Of Energy For Future

Wind power is a strong contender for becoming our prime sources of energy. This is because wind is everywhere and we can derive it easily with turbines and large-scale wind farms. But the journey hasn’t been smooth for wind energy. Let’s look at the developmental timeline of wind power.

History Of Wind Energy As Source Of Energy

If you’re interested in learning about wind power as a source of energy, then here’s a historical timeline we’ve compiled for you. You’ll be surprised by learning some of the staggering advancement made in this sector.

1st Century AD

Use of wind power can be traced to as early as 1st Century AD. Records suggests that there was a wind-driven wheel invented to power a machine. It was invented by Greek engineer, Heron, a native of Alexandria. Then in subsequent centuries, it was widely adopted and by 7th to 9th Century, they were made practical in regions of Sistan, Iran. They were used primarily for grain grinding purposes.

1000 AD

During the 1000 AD, the windwheels evolved and people started using them for pumping seawater into the factories for making salt. Regions like China and Sicily of Italy adopted this before anyone else. By 1180, there were vertical windmills invented. These were used for grinding flour.


Evolution Of Wind As A Source Of Energy For Future

The first wind turbine for producing electricity was invented in 1887 and installed in Scotland. Thus wind became sources of energy for powering homes. It was created by Anderson’s College (now Strathclyde university) professor, James Blyth. This was a 10-meter high turbine and the blades were covered with cloth. This turbine was installed in a cottage at Marykirk and they charged the accumulators to power the cottage. Thus, the cottage also become the first house to run on wind power. But when Blyth tried to supply surplus energy to the public grid for lighting the street lights, people objected it calling it “The work of the devil”.

In 1888, a wind turbine for electricity generation was opened in the United States. In the meantime from 1891 onwards, a Danish scientist named Poul la Cour made rapid technological advances in wind turbine and figured out ways to have a steady steam of power supply from wind turbine.


Poul started Society of Wind Electricians and introduced courses. Jacobs Wind factory was opened in Minneapolis in 1927.


First megawatt-sized wind turbine was installed and connected to a grid in Vermont. The blades were 75 feet in length.


NASA started a program to develop utility-scale wind turbines. It paved way for many multi-megawatt wind turbines we use today. In the same year, first US wind farm was created powering 4,149 homes at once.

From then onwards, wind has been continuously making improvements to become our preferred source of energy. In the coming years, it will evolve and become even more viable, but we need to back it up.

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