Everything To Know About Solar Power In Cars

Solar Power in Cars

With the appearance of renewable energy systems, the use of solar energy is also becoming popular and this is the case with cars also. Many innovations have happened relating to renewable energy sources and solar cars are one among them. Using solar power makes it convenient and easy for the user as the expenses are reduced compared to other ordinary methods.

How Does Solar Cars Function?

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The technology used behind the solar car is to convert sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are used in cars to make sunlight into electricity. These cells are attached to the car and when the rays of the sun fall on them they convert that into electricity. Solar cars are becoming popular nowadays and have revolutionized the automobile industry to a certain extent.

Advantages of Using Solar Cars

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There are many advantages to using a solar car. Solar cars save money on fuel, are sustainable and environment friendly, no extra cost other than battery replacement, reduces pollution of noise and air. These advantages are only some and there are many more advantages to having a solar car. We will see many more solar cars on our streets in the years to come.

Developments of Solar Car

The first solar car was known to be made in 1955 and till now many new innovations had happened to solar cars. The performance and effectiveness of these cars were increased by many companies in the previous years and many studies are going on now. The world is waiting for the full-fledged solar car and the time is near. These cars are all set to outperform the traditional cars.

Why Aren’t Solar Cars Popular Yet?

With the many benefits they offer, many multinational companies have not been able to develop a fully-fledged solar car. The main reason behind this is the need to pack the surface of the car with solar cells. This in turn increases the weight of the car and its cost. The battery also has weight and taking all these into consideration, the feasibility of solar cars is a problem.

Solar Cars Are Comfortable While Driving

Solar-powered cars operate without any noise or vibration and this makes them easy to drive. The battery of these cars is less weight than gas-enabled vehicles thus making it easy to use at turning points and curves. Solar cars are environment friendly and can be used as a measure against pollution and other dangers.


Solar-powered cars are highly efficient and convenient to use. Although they have some limitations, they are useful taking into consideration the big picture. The world is experiencing the effects of pollution and solar cars are a great leap forward in the automobile industry. Smart cars that use solar power are the new trend in the automobile industry and it will make a better experience for all of us.

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