Everything About Solar Cell Battery For Home

solar cell battery

The demand and cost of energy are rising, but not everyone can afford the enormous energy bills. Thus, to cut this extra expense without cutting down the need for energy, a solar cell battery is invented. These are renewable energy resources that take power from the sun. Since it’s cheap, non-harming to nature, and easily available, many residents are going solar. 

If you are also thinking about buying solar batteries for your home, you need to know a few things. Check out this guide on solar cell battery so that you don’t miss anything. 

Beginner’s Guide On Solar Cell Battery 

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First of all, check out whether it’s the right power bank for your home or not. If your home energy system is connected with the local power source, then there is no need to buy a solar cell battery. 

But in case you have no access to public energy utilities or living in a remote location, buying one would be an excellent idea; here’s why?

  1. To reduce the dependency on the power grid
  2. Compensate for the unexpected power outages due to any reason, whether technical fault or weather issue
  3. Avoid high utility prices for power consumption during the peak hours

So, now you understand why you need a solar cell battery. But, not all batteries are equally made as there are different options available. 

Different Solar Cell Batteries

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  1. Lead-acid- also known as a wet cell, is suitable for off-grid usage that has medium to high capacity. However, their size is much space-consuming, and they take hours and even day to get ultimately charged. The life span is around 15 years. 
  2. Sealed lead acid- It has silica gel in the battery, which is securely sealed and made for the most intense applications. The size varies as per the capacity and charge within several hours but has a life span of 2-5 years. 
  3. AGM- Absorbed glass mat lead-acid solar cell battery is suitable for standby applications. They have a five-time fast charging capability than a lead-acid battery. With proper maintenance, it can survive for 4-7 years. 
  4. Lithium-ion- Common of all solar cell batteries, lithium-ion is good for all types of usages. As big as a washing machine in size and take no more than 3 hours to charge to the fullest. The good life span of 10 years.  
  5. Flow- These kinds of batteries are good for large power storage, and they are available in different sizes. You can either recharge or replace the electrolyte. These kinds of batteries have the longest lifespan among all types, i.e., 25 years. 

You can pick any solar cell battery as per your requirements. Most of them, like sealed lead acid, AGM, and lithium-ion, requires no maintenance. Even the flow batteries require low maintenance. Only the flooded lead-acid need maintenance like venting, cleaning, and water. 


A solar cell battery will save you from the additional expense of power, so if you live in a remote area or want to save some money on power usage, get the right type of battery.

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