Common Causes Of Environmental Pollution -

Common Causes Of Environmental Pollution

How To Reduce Pollution In English

Environmental Pollution starts occurring when some harmful elements start destroying nature and the natural environment is unable to decompose that element. Environmental Pollution has existed for many centuries but it became highly significant only after the industrial revolution.

During the industrial revolution, many different types of unnatural elements were introduced in the environment which was not easily decomposed. One of the most common examples is radioactive pollutants. There are several different types of environmental pollutants such as:

Agricultural Activities

Various different types of agricultural activities such as the use of insecticides and pesticides are also responsible for the contamination of soil and water. The production of these pesticides is also the cause of pollution.

Chemical substances form pesticides and are harmful to the surrounding environment. The creation of pesticides takes place to keep the diseases away but they harm the environment in the most injurious way.

Furthermore, with the increase in agricultural activities, more and more ecosystems are destroyed at an increasing rate.

Industries Caused Environmental Pollution

Industrial Revolution started in the 19th century and people started using machines, replacing humans. Industries have been a major source of pollution as they make use of coal and also other fossil fuel as its energy source. The burning of fossil fuels causes the production of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other harmful dangerous gases which cause air pollution. Water sources and soil was dumped with discharge from the industries.

This polluted the water bodies and causing soil pollution.

air pollution
Common Causes Of Environmental Pollution

Transportation Causes Environmental Pollution

Transportation is also one of the major causes of environmental pollution. The old methods were replaced by cars, trains, and airplanes. All of these vehicles contributed to a high level of air pollution. Leakage in the transportation of energy in the form of petrol through pipelines or tankers has also contributed to pollution.

environmental pollution
Common Causes Of Environmental Pollution

Packaging Causes Environmental Pollution

Packaging and plastic products are also major sources of pollution. Trading activities used in the exchange of goods and services and production activities contribute majorly to pollution.

Urbanisation Causes Environmental Pollution

Urbanization is also one of the major sources of pollution. With the growth of the population, more and more forest areas are cleared to make residential complexes.

This process also destroys our natural ecosystems. Human construction is replacing forests at an alarming rate.

The construction of homes in itself is a major source of contamination of the environment.  With the settling of people, they will produce waste of all types every day which adds to pollution.


These are all the factors that are the main sources of pollution. Environmental pollution also has long term adverse impacts. They cause diseases like asthma, respiratory diseases, allergies, nasal passages, irritation of eyes and also other forms of infection. It is very important for us to reduce environmental pollution.  If we don’t reduce it in time, it will consume us.

So, we should all give our best efforts to reduce pollution and save our planet.

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