Arlo Solar Panel - Use The Power Cable To Capabilities Beyond Normalcy -

Arlo Solar Panel – Use The Power Cable To Capabilities Beyond Normalcy

arlo solar panel

Connecting the Arlo solar panel to your lights or camera, you will never have to recharge your solar battery again. The Arlo Solar Panel absorbs energy from the sun, and with just a couple of hours of direct sunlight the solar panel keeps your Arlo solar powered lights charged. Your lights will stay on all night long, even in overcast or cloudy weather conditions.

The Built In Motion Sensor

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The built in motion sensor allows the solar panel to lock onto the light source for determining when to turn itself on and off. The motion sensor can also be adjusted to control either bright or dim lighting. If you are planning to add an outdoor security camera, then an adjustable mount is a must. With the ability to tilt and swivel, the adjustable mount makes it easy to place the security camera at any location that is convenient. The motion sensor allows for the most accurate readings, ensuring that your home is safe from unwanted intruders.

A quality, fully loaded Arlo solar panel should have the ability to absorb and store more energy than what is listed here. Although the maximum power is 80 watts, most panel will surpass this mark. A high quality panel will generate a significant amount of power for the cost. The VMA 4600 works great for this application. It is a state of the art security camera, offering high-resolution recording for crisp, clear images.

Recording Audio

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When it comes to recording audio, then the audio quality of the recording is what will make the difference. Many people use their cameras as music devices, playing recorded audio for guests while entertaining them at home. An arlo panel with an RCA input allows you to connect the camera directly to your stereo system. In order for this to work, the solar panel must be positioned properly, with at least one side facing towards the sun for optimal performance. The video portion of the camera should also be able to record without being affected by direct sunlight.

For even greater versatility, the VMA solar panel has an accessory that offers even more functions. The weather-resistant design allows you to place the security camera anywhere in your home, while still offering the ability to adjust the direction of the lens. This allows for the security camera to always be pointed in the direction you want it to point. The lens can even be angled up or down to ensure that you get the best visual view.

Functioning Of Your Arlo Solar Panel

Even when the weather is not optimal, the temperature at home can still impact the functioning of your Arlo solar panel. If placed in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, for example, the lens may become overheated and/or the image quality reduced. To resolve this, the VMA 4600’s accessory, the Thermiconic Wheel Motor, was designed to keep the panels cool during prolonged use. This feature has been tested and proven effective, reducing heat build-up and fluctuations associated with outdoor solar panel usage.

Summing Up

With the VMA solar panel, the only additional equipment needed is a power cable. A standard 2.1 volt power cable will be sufficient to supply all the camera’s needs. No need to worry about an overzealous neighbor interrupting your recording; the camera is protected by a weatherproof canopy that keeps the lens from being harmed by prying eyes. No matter what situation you’re facing with your outdoor security camera, the early series’ interchangeable lens designs make it possible to cover a broad range of needs and budgets.

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