Air Pollution - What Are The Types Of Air Pollutants?

Air Pollution – What Are The Types Of Air Pollutants?

Different Types Of Air Pollutants That Can Affect Your Health

Nature is chastened and when the natural air comes in contact with some unwanted particles, it gives rise to air pollution. Air pollutants are these unwanted particles that cause havoc to the atmosphere. You need to conserve the quality of the air for the betterment of future generations. It is very important to have pollutant-free air because that will have higher oxygen content in it. This oxygen is very necessary for breathing and bestowing our body with good health. Hence, to conserve nature as well as mankind, you need to know about the air pollutants. If you are aware of the pollutants, you can stay away from them.

Common Types Of Air Pollutants

Any unwanted addition of harmful particles in the environment disturbs the ecological balance. Therefore, air pollutants are very harmful to our surroundings. It is high time to consider your environment as your responsibility. Working for the betterment of controlling pollution is one of the most essential duties of mankind.

A Brief Note On Air Pollution- Types Of Air Pollutants
Air Pollution – What Are The Types Of Air Pollutants?

You can broadly classify air pollutants into two categories. They consist of primary as well as secondary air pollutants. Primary pollutants are a result of direct emulsion from any hazardous activity. In the case of a volcanic eruption, the gases are emitted as a residue. These gases mix with the environment and cause air pollution. The secondary source, on the other hand, exists because of the primary. The depletion of the ozone layer that increases the chances of air pollution is a result of primary pollutants. The whole process of depleting the environment is a regular process that you need to conserve.

Major Air Pollutants – Sulphur Oxides

It is one of the most harmful pollutants and causes of environmental depletion. Sulfur oxides are released when volcanoes erupt. Industrial processes include sulfur to a large extent. This sulfur is hence mixed with the atmosphere. If it comes in contact with Nitrogen oxide, then they form acid rain. Acid rain is a hazardous calamity for mankind. It can cause the extinction of plants as well as animal life. Hence, it is very important to have a check on industrial emission as well as wastage.

The Dangerous Carbon Monoxide

It is a very non-irritating gas, which has no odor as well as color. Still, it is one of the most dangerous gases that cause air pollution. This gas is a residue of natural gas combustion. Motorbikes also emit carbon monoxide. Hence, it affects the ecosystem. The mixture of such harmful gases into the environment affects the ecological balance. Therefore, depend more on public transport often. Taking a walk to nearby places is advisable and saves mother Earth.

Air Pollution - What Are The Types Of Air Pollutants?
Air Pollution – What Are The Types Of Air Pollutants?

Green House Gases Form Major Air Pollutants

The greenhouse effect has resulted in many environmental hazards. Human beings are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide forms one of the most residual gases, emits from combustion. It also stays in the environment because of the respiration process. The hydrofluorocarbons are also very dangerous to the environment. They are responsible for trapping heat, and it is bad for the ecosystem. You need to limit the usage of any substance that is very harmful to the environment.

We are responsible solely for the kind of environment that we want to survive in. Using appropriate resources is vital, and it will conserve our environment.

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