Air Pollution Solutions: 5 Prevention Techniques

Air Pollution Solutions

Polluted air is the biggest curse to your life. It deprives you of pure, fresh air within the surroundings. It also inflates your lungs with toxic, life-threatening gases. You can hardly breathe in the open. Such alarming instances call for immediate air pollution solutions. By implementing these remedies, you can successfully reduce air toxicity. You can also create some breathing space for your healthy life.     

Avail Public Transport

Private cars account for 60% of annual emissions in the world. By avoiding the use of self-owned vehicles, you’ll save your hard-earned money and reduce air pollution substantially. This small step can prevent larger accumulation of harmful, life-threatening gases, primarily, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With this, you can freely expose your lungs to pure and fresh air around you. Besides these, public transportation saves energy, alleviates the impact of greenhouse gases and creates a sustainable environment for your survival. And if you stay in a metropolitan, congratulations in advance for lesser traffic woes as well.

Follow The 3Rs

It is time that you revised your environmental lessons and enforced them in letter and spirit. For instance, you can reduce the amount of daily household wastes especially plastic materials and non-bio degradable substances as they release toxic gases that are ultimately responsible for polluting the air. Upon the same principle, you can also reuse old items in newer ways and discourage your friends and family from using synthetic and non-durable goods. Additionally, recycling materials like paper is one of the recommended air pollution solutions as it can reduce air toxicity by 74%. Instead of throwing away paper, make gifts and showpieces and turn your home into an eco-friendly paradise.

Air Pollution Solutions for a sustainable environment
Air Pollution Solutions for a sustainable environment

Conserve Electricity

Switch off lights, fans and other electrical appliances when you don’t use them. Enjoy the wind of your fan during moderate weather rather than operating the AC remote. Make proportional use of gas, oven and induction for cooking purposes. These smart ways shall release lesser amount of greenhouse gases into the air, purifying your immediate environment and creating a sustainable living place. Most importantly, you preserve the most precious resources and reduce your expenses.        

Develop Eco-friendly Community Practices

If you’re into agriculture , you can replace synthetic fertilizers with organic ones. The artificially produced manures generate nitrogen oxides that are harmful for your health as well as the environment. Livestock wastes also contain toxic components that contribute to air pollution. This calls for waste management and treatment so as to reduce toxic buildup in the atmosphere. In addition to these air pollution solutions, celebrate festivals without busting fire crackers. You’ll also agree that you cough and sneeze right after burning a few of them. So, why take this risk? As an alternative, use earthen lamps and lighten up your house. Going a step ahead, you can also initiate community-level changes by organizing afforestation programs and investing in better treatment of different types of wastes in your society.  

Air Pollution Solutions at community level
Air Pollution Solutions at community level

Promote Green Living

Install solar panels on your roof, use solar batteries and purchase earthen products. Invest in wooden furniture and home decor items made of bamboo and other environment-friendly materials. Smoking and tobacco consumption pollutes your indoor air. So, give up these habits immediately. Create a small garden in your balcony and surround yourself with higher oxygen levels. Harvest rainwater and use it for washing and cooking. Above all, think green, buy green and be the change.

These were the five best ways to tackle air pollution at personal and community levels. By encouraging these solutions, you and your society can create a benchmark in eco-friendliness. The quality of your health will also improve and you can move freely in a noise-free and carbon-free environment.

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