Air Pollution: Most Common Causes -

Air Pollution: Most Common Causes

air pollution

Air pollution is one of the most common types of pollution which leads to at least thousands of death every year. It is the contamination of air due to physical, chemical or biological alteration. When dust, smoke, harmful gases enter the air, then air pollution is caused.

air pollution

There are mainly two types of pollution- visible air pollution and invisible air pollution. Human beings, plants and other life forms find it difficult to survive due to increasing level of pollution in the air. The ozone layer is also depleting due to the pollution which is a great cause of concern for our planet.

Major Causes of Air pollution

Continuous Burning of Fossil Fuels

We use fossil fuels in our day-to-day life in the formation of electricity, running of vehicles and manufacturing and service sector. When fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal are burned, Sulfur dioxide gas is released in the atmosphere. This harmful gas is the major cause of pollution.

Further, we depend on cars, jeeps, trains, trucks, airplanes for our daily needs of transportation. These vehicles use petrol and diesel as their main source of energy. The pollution emitted from all the vehicles cause an immense amount of pollution.

Apart from sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide is also very dangerous which is produced during the process of incomplete combustion. Thus, burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of pollution.

Use Of harmful Fertilizers

The use of harmful fertilizers such as insecticides, and pesticides release ammonia into the air and water. It is one of the most hazardous products and causes severe air pollution.

air pollution

Mining Process Is cause Of Air Pollution

Mining is the process of extraction of minerals from the earth which is done using large equipment’s. It is also a very huge operation. It causes chemicals and dust to be released into the air in huge quantities. This pollutes the air severely and the very reason for the deteriorating health of the mining workers.

Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industries release large amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, organic compounds, hydrocarbons and chemicals into the air. These injurious chemicals deplete the quality of air.

Apart from these, the petroleum refiners release massive amounts of hydrocarbons into the air causing severe air pollution. It makes the air unfit for any human being or animal to breathe.

Indoor Air pollution

Last but not the least, the indoor air quality of our homes is also tarnished by the use of toxic chemicals by homeowners. The use of painting supplies, cleaning products, refrigerators and also air-conditioners emit toxic chemicals and gases into the air. These harmful gases also cause the indoor air quality of your home to deteriorate.

CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and SPM (Suspended Particulate matter) is another cause of air pollution. SPM are the particles which afloat in the air. Dust particles, smog, combustion process etc. are the cause of production of SPM.


Thus, we should understand the need of the hour and help in reducing the causes of air pollution. We should plant more and more plants which purify air and also find ways to reduce the very causes of pollution.

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