Advantages of a Solar Power Generator -

Advantages of a Solar Power Generator

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While you may purchase a ready-made solar panel generator from a store, it’s often more economical to construct it yourself with inexpensive parts which can easily be found in hardware stores or on the Internet. By utilizing these much less expensive materials, you’ll be able to generate clean, cheap energy for less than $300 that will greatly assist you in bringing free electricity to your home. And once you’ve got the system installed, you’ll discover that you don’t even have to pay monthly electric bills anymore.

How does the solar power generator work?

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The system works on the premise of the sunlight being absorbed by the panels into the small photovoltaic cells. These cells are connected to a DC motor, which turns the electricity into an AC that you can use to run all of your household appliances. And you do not have to worry about running out of sun hours in your location. As long as there are sun rays, your system will continue to run for as long as it takes.

Two Primary Types Of Systems

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There are two primary types of systems that you can utilize: the stand-alone system and the grid-tie system. A stand-alone system is designed to power just one or two appliances. These usually consist of a fridge, a laptop computer and maybe a small stereo system. Although they are simple to set up, these solar generators are not very efficient because the amount of electricity required to run them is quite small. This means that while you will save money on your energy bill, your home appliances will not benefit from the savings.

Grid-Tie And Fuel-Powered

The best solar power generator plans for this application are grid-tie and fuel-powered. The grid-tie system is the most efficient because it combines both fuel-powered and solar power requirements. With this setup, your entire household electrical need will be met by a single unit. This means that you will only be required to have one meter installed – far less than what is required with the other type of system. Your system will only require one meter to connect to the power grid so you can enjoy even greater savings.

Complex Installation

However, unlike the stand-alone system, a fuel-powered generator will require more complex installation. The entire household needs to be attached to the system to create a system that consists of at least one tank of fuel plus at least three to five solar-powered portable power stations. The fuel used will have to be bought from an approved company, and it will also have to be compatible with the generator used to power up the solar panels. Because you have many more moving parts, the fuel will have to undergo a complicated chemical process before it is combined with oxygen. Although this may seem like a very complicated process, the result is beneficial because you will get cleaner emissions and less sulfur dioxide during combustion.

Gasoline Generator

A traditional gasoline generator has its advantages as well. The first advantage is that it is very lightweight. It is because it only has one motor rather than multiple ones, making it highly effective in electricity generation. You will also not have to deal with pesky electrical wires. Although it may look bulky and heavy on your vehicle, a diesel generator is extremely compact, especially if connected to a wheelbarrow. In addition to its lightweight characteristics, this type of portable generator is also highly durable.

No Need To Convert DC Input Into AC

The third advantage of a solar generator is that it uses a 12 volt DC input. This means that you do not have to convert your DC input into AC, making a big difference since your vehicle will most likely be DC-driven. Converting your DC input to AC can take quite a long time, so this should not be necessary for your system. Also, if you want to increase the size of your solar panel and connect it to your home AC, this is easily accomplished.

Final Words

The final advantage of using a portable electric generator is that it can store energy. This is a valuable benefit, especially if you live in areas where there are not many appliances or services for DC consumption. This means that your DC output from the solar panel can be turned into AC to power other appliances in your home. You can then run these appliances with battery back up which can run for days even with little sun exposure.

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