5 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Solar Inverter For Your Home

5 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Solar Inverter For Your Home

Solar Inverter

It seems like the world is moving towards solar energy. Companies like Tesla are pushing fiercely for global adoption of solar technology. And all of this is for good. Solar is renewable, cheap, and available in plentiful amounts. Solar inverter is a great tool for your home if you want to adopt solar technology. If you’ve been thinking about buying one, then here are five tips for selecting the perfect solar inverter for your home.

Role Of A Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter
5 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Solar Inverter For Your Home

As you might know, solar panels produce electricity from sunlight. But they produce DC power. The appliances that run at your home need AC or alternating current power to run. That’s where a solar inverter comes in. It converts DC to AC and make the electricity produced feasible to be consumed in your home.

5 Solar Inverter Buying Tips

Solar Panels for inverters
5 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Solar Inverter For Your Home

1. Look At Battery Voltage

Inverter and battery go hand in hand. Therefore, when selecting a solar inverter, its voltage range should match that of the battery you have already bought or are going to buy. This is important for off-grid inverter systems. But its also equally important for home-based systems if you’re planning on deploying a large battery for continuous use.

2. Effciency Of The Solar Inverter

When going solar, efficiency is paramount. So the ideal solar inverters should inherently function efficiently, that is consuming as less power as possible while converting DC to AC. While achieving 100% efficiency is impossible, since power is lost during the transition, it should be as high as possible.

3. Output Wave Form

Waveform is important for running electrical appliances. When buying a solar inverter, you need to go with inverters that have pure sine wave property. This is because they are considered high quality AC power which your electrical appliances will love.

4. Anti Islanding Feature

This is most important for grid connected solar inverters. Anti-islanding feature provides protection and stability to the entire system. It ensures in case of a power failure, the PV system has cut off the electricity supply in time to avoid damage. Not only the system, this also protects human workers like technicians. In your home, anti-islanding feature and protect your family members. If you’re installing one for a wide-scale purpose, then to get approval you have to have this feature.

5. Warranties

Lastly, a good solar inverter manufacturer should back up the quality of his product by giving product warranty. This ensures that lot of R&D has went into producing it and there will be malfunctioning at least at the beginning. Most manufacturers provide 1-2 years of warranty on their solar inverters, while others going as far as 5 years. So look closely at what is being offered and correlate that with price. Generally good solar inverters are priced higher, but they are worth the investment. Remember that these are long term investments. So should spend a bit more to gain more in the long run.

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