5 Most Effective Air Pollution Mask 2020

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If you’re new to roaming in the city, you might start getting worried about the rampant air pollution that is happening all around you. However, there are countless air pollution masks worth having to reduce exposure to the harmful microelements and stay healthy, not to mention trendy. Here are the best, carefully-handpicked ones.

Vogmask (N99)

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Vogmask may be popular in America, but haven’t yet made the same in other parts of the world. Its colorful pattern is eye-catching and loved by cyclists of professional and amateur levels. Additionally, it has elasticated straps that don’t feel as restrictive as other competitors. Like the Cambridge mask, it may have the feeling of a “looser” fit, but real-world tests have proven that it’s just normal. Moreoever, a bendable aluminum rod is present to seal over the bridge of the nose as a way of reducing condensation build-up.

Respro Ultralight Mask 

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This face mask is designed for a wearer that demands the presence of overall quality and maximum comfort in any setting. So, if your planning to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors with a high concentration of particles, this brand is the smartest choice. Aside from that, this air pollution mask is equipped with a very breathable PM2.5 filter to effectively take the daily challenges of smoke and pollen particles. Overall, this is your go-to brand if you’re living in highly urbanized environments.

Totobobo Anti-Pollution Mask (N95)

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Try this Totobobo air pollution mask if you want something lightweight and reusable. Because it is made from a clean and flexible plastic, it includes a template that you can cut down to match your face precisely. Additionally, having a transparent plastic as its main material is more suitable to avoid looking like Darth Vader. Moreover, the filter pads make it possible to easily monitor the amount of particulates entering it. The thin straps may be prone from snapping but rest assured that a spare pair is included with the set.

Cambridge Mask The Admiral (N99)

This military grade face mask is founded by a Cambridge University graduate as the main tool for protecting against unwanted smells and particulates. It comes with an adjustable strap to make wearing, adjusting, and removing easier. This is an extremely useful feature to avoid frequently touching your face. Moreover, the mask comes in a wide range of vivid colors and patterns to choose from.

Respro Techno (N99)

Made from neoprene skin, this air pollution mask can neatly follow your facial contours, allowing for a snug fit and ensuring that all air is forced through the filters. Additionally, it’s also capable of filtering sub-micron particles. However, wearing this mask can be a little less comfortable than the other variants because some resistance when breathing in and out. Lastly, this amazing product has several sizes for you to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Modern problems require modern solutions that why it is important to shield yourself from the harmful elements brought by air pollution. That is why it is important to have some reliable air pollution masks in your arsenal.

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