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4 Top And Famous Solar Power Companies In India 2021

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Companies providing procurement, construction, and engineering of a solar system are solar power companies. You don’t have to buy a solar system to get the benefits. Leasing solar equipment can help you in receiving benefits. You will get the equipment at fixed monthly prices, or you can also buy the electricity generated by the panel at a fixed price. You might know that solar leases generally last between 20 and 25 years. During that period, your solar provider has to monitor the performance and Hardware of your system. You also have a choice to purchase the system or renew the agreement. If you are not choosing the renew option, then the Solar provider will restore the roofs and remove all the panels. There are different features of this agreement. First, your solar company will own the system. You also have to pay a monthly amount to lease the system and to receive all its benefits. Solar leases include everything from maintenance, system monitoring, insurance to repair during the period. If you want to offset your electricity bills in the future from low to zero upfront, then solar energy is the best way. Learn more about the best solar power companies in 2021.

Know-How These Top Solar Power Companies Work

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Loom Solar

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It is a growing and very popular solar company having a huge presence on the internet. The headquarters of Loom solar company are present in Haryana and Faridabad. It can provide you the latest solar products like solar inverters, solar chargers, solar systems, and solar panels. It provides installation and delivery across India just within three days, and the company has also manufactured its solar panels. The company is famous for having a strong brand equity.

Vikram Solar

This company manufactures PV solar modules having its headquarters in West Bengal and Kolkata, and it has a huge of almost four decades in manufacturing and Engineering activities. It has its Global offices in Africa and Europe, and the whole of India. The company is famous for having a wide solar panel range, large manufacturing facility, comprehensive EPC solutions, and high efficiency.

Tata Solar

It is the biggest and oldest solar power company in India. Tata solar provides manufacturing and EPC services. The company is strongly present in industrial, commercial, residential segments, and off-grid and on-grid solar projects. It is a leading company and a reputed brand. It serves the services for 25 years warranty with panel.


Having an industrial experience of 25 years, it has become one of the largest solar power companies. The company has its manufacturing unit of 1.5 GW solar panel in India, Surat. It is present in around 68 companies internationally and more than 280 companies nationally. Waaree company also has a huge experience in providing project development, EPC services, solar water pumps, rooftop solutions, and an independent power producer.


All the solar power companies are contributing a lot to the environment. These top solar power companies in India have now become famous worldwide.

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