4 Significant Renewable Sources Of Energy

renewable sources of energy

Some renewable sources of energy like solar energy can be installed at your own place. Renewable energy is clean and usually costs less than the traditional one. 

Renewable energy basically refers to the limitless sources of energy that are present in nature like Sun, water, wind, etc.

  1. Solar Energy

We gain Solar energy by capturing radiant energy from sunlight and then converting it into electricity, heat, or hot water for our uses. Photovoltaic PV Systems can convert direct sunlight into electricity using solar cells to give us electricity. 

The benefit of using solar energy is that since the sunlight is endless, we can harvest a limitless supply of energy using solar power. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels can also help to improve the environment and public health. 

Solar energy can reduce our energy bills in the short run and can cut our energy costs in the long run. Many governments and local authorities also incentivize the use of solar energy by providing text credit for using solar energy. 

  1. Wind Energy

Wind farms capture the energy of wind flow by using turbines to convert it into electricity, there are different types of windmills used for power generation through the wind. 

Commercial grade wind power generator systems can power many power-generation organizations at once, while single wind turbines are used to help supplement pre-existing energy organizations. 

Another scale of wind power generation is the utility-scale wind farms, which are purchased by contractor wholesale. 

Technically, wind energy is also a form of solar energy as what we refer to as wind is caused by the differences in the temperatures in the atmosphere combined with the rotation of the earth and the geography of the planet. 

  1. Hydroelectric Energy

Dams are seen as the main source of hydroelectric energy, water flows through a dam’s turbine to produce electricity that is known as pump storage hydropower.

Hydroelectric power is versatile as it can be generated using large-scale projects like Hoover Dam and small-scale projects like underwater turbines and built on small rivers and streams etc.

Like the previous two sources, hydroelectric power also doesn’t cause pollution, which makes it an environmentally friendly energy option for us.

  1. Geothermal Energy

The heat that is trapped beneath the earth’s crust from the formation of the earth is known as Geothermal energy. A large amount of this heat escapes naturally sometimes which results in things like volcanic eruptions and geysers.

This heat can be captured and used to produce geothermal energy by using streams that come from the heated water pumping below the earth’s surface. This heated water rises to the top and can be used to operate a turbine to generate electricity.

Geothermal energy might not be as common as other sources of renewable energy, but it has a significant potential for energy supply if we manage to find ways to harvest it the right way. 


Renewable sources of energy are gonna play a significant role in the future of humanity as we need to reduce pollution and traditional sources of energy only have a limited supply. Comment below and let us know what you think of these renewable energy sources.

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